Other Games


The lucky Asian Dragon was the inspiration for the name of this new exciting casino dice game. QILIN is played with three dice all with a different colour, red, blue and green. The faces of the Dice carry the Chinese number characters one, two and three and double happiness symbols. One symbol on green. Two on blue and three on red.

While an automatic tumbler shakes the dice, Players can place their bets on the sum total of the number of the dice or the “double happiness” symbols. When all the three “double happiness” symbols are face-up the game result is called “QILIN”


Cardette is a simple card game. Cardette can be played with one deck shuffled by hand or with six decks shuffled with a card shuffler. Players may wager on bets relating on the total score of the two cards or the outcome of the suits. A deck of cards contains 52 cards from Ace till 2. Two cards determine the result.