ICSE is an organization that develops new games for Casino table games and supports the games with both hard and software applications.
ICSE presents the latest technological platform for the table games sector. This platform has a modular structure for offering new games and entertainment. By automatically recording and reporting failures in the system, any problems can be rapidly detected and handled outside of the regular operation. With this new architecture, it is even easier to link systems, to develop new games and offers a richer guest experience to the table.

Our Client/Core system consists of an energy-efficient ‘mini-pc’ capable of driving advanced graphics, video and gaming applications. The small size enables the hardware to be placed virtually anywhere. Any Client can be setup as controller (pit) for all-access to server, app and service functions.

The Client can be fitted out with hardware to enhance the experience for the player of the casino;

  • Controllable led-lighting
  • Sound box, radio or any audio streaming.
  • USB Unit to trigger-data or foreign data output/input.
  • RFID reader; access control or timekeeping dealer.

App-specific hardware;

  • Side Bet units with Led Matrix Display and Chip Detection;
  • Accessory Unit; Client device to deliver data and power for accessories.


Players can in exchange of money or cash value chips put Credits on the side-bet unit so it can be played for one of the bonus or jackpot payouts. The value of each credits contains the denomination of the side-bet. In the side-bet unit there are more extra features:

  • De side-bet unit accepts also value chips.
  • Small payout can be Credited to the meter.
  • Detection system in case of a malfunction unit.

Advantages over other systems.

  • Much faster than other side-bet systems.
  • Minimum time factor needed to exchange credits.
  • No unnecessary chip-float.
  • Ease learning process for Players and Dealers
  • Low maintenance and secure.


There are several bonus/jackpot concepts on the Blackjack. Perfect Pairs is a very popular example. However Perfect Pairs is a bonus concept and no Jackpot concept. To create a successful jackpot concept a number of factors must take into account.


  • No influence to the regular game
  • Degree of relevance and engaging.
  • Quick and effective pay-in method.
  • Players must have winnings on a regular basis.

It is not useful to develop a concept that affects the game strategy of Blackjack. A recognizable format is suitable as probably this the success of Perfect Pairs explained. Appealing can also be aware of the price that a player can win. Further, we can see that Blackjack players like to win prizes on a regular basis. It is also important that the Progressive Jackpot (s) are very interesting that players will continue to play, this by means of placing a relatively small bet with the ability to win a large amount.


BLACK JACK-RUNNER is a progressive Jackpot concept with several bonus pay-outs. The concept is in the spirit and essence of the game: “Receiving Blackjacks” What’s new is in this concept is that players also be rewarded if the Dealer gets a Blackjack. Even more beautiful is that both a player receives a Blackjack and the Dealer/Bank receives a Blackjack,

There are three possible ways to win.

  1. Player receives a Blackjack
  2. Banker receives a Blackjack
  3. Both the Player as the Banker receive a Blackjack

The Black jack-Runner concept gives the possibility to apply different jackpot formulas. ICSE has developed concepts for 1 table to 100 plus tables depending of the size of your organization.


Progressive jackpot concept for Blackjack based on the receiving a specific pair card on the Player spot and the same card on the Dealer spot after the initial deal with a bonus concept for frequent payouts.

Game Plan                                                               

1ste  Jackpot:             Pair of Jacks of harts on the Players spot and a Jack of harts on the  Dealers spot after the initial deal.

2nd  Jackpot                 Pair of Jacks Suited (any other suit than harts) on the Players spot and the same Jack suite on the Dealers spot after the initial deal

3th  Jackpot                Any pair of Jacks no suited on the Players spot and any Jack on the Dealers spot after the initial deal

1ste bonus                  Any pair of harts on the Players spot

2nd bonus                    Suited pair on the Players spot

3th bonus        Any pair on the Players spot.

DICEBAll is a game played with two standard dice dealt buy only one Dealer. The game has features elements of baseball. Players are allowed to throw the dice by themselves. In DICEBALL the Shooter attempts to throw as long as possible without throwing a total of seven. Each role is consider advancing one base.

To begin, the Shooter must place a wager on the Run Line in order to roll, this wager is optional for all other players. Players have the option of placing one or more wagers on the Run Line, Place Line, Hard Line, Seven Out or the Grand Slam which can only be made before a new shooter’s come out roll on their turn. 

ICSE manufacture Dice tables and all accessories related to dice.